Electricity rates just keep climbing

Stop renting. Own your energy!

  • Grant funds available for small business owners & farmers 
  • Financing available
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (this can roll over if you don’t need it this year)
  • Solar panels generate energy on-site with no operating costs
  • Batteries are optional (with grid-tie)
  • OTG Solar sells Grade A, Tier-1 products

OTG Solar does everything solar you can imagine with a quality you can count on. OTG Solar has a reputation for competitive prices, unmatched workmanship, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

OTG Solar gives you options, so you aren’t limited when creating your system.

  • Ground-mount
  • Roof-mount (penetrating and non-penetrating options)
  • Trackers
  • Shade structures
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Grid-tie
  • Off-grid.

Call today, and we’ll send one of our energy advisors to give you a full view of the opportunity you have to be more energy independent.

Don’t know anything about solar? No worries! We joyfully give our customers help with the details to make a fully-informed decision.


  • Offer your customers renewable energy.
  • We want to know who all the honest, quality local business options are when our customers need services we don’t provide.
  • Click the “Services” tab for more information about our Green Builder Program.

What to people think about OTG Solar?

Kirksville Daily Express readers voted OTG Solar to be “The Best Place for Solar Panels” in 2016


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